Sunday, July 1, 2012


TORONTO 2ND DAY, 3rd JUNE ~ One of the venues listed in the CityPASS was the Toronto Science Centre. This place was chosen  to be visited on the second day because we had to be indoor as the weather forecast told us that we should expect more rain and cloudy sky. That is why you could see me carrying the umbrella around.

the history of rock formation
the "circus" area
a real elephant's heart
more skeletons to see
the science show
waiting for the Star Trek show to start

The place was big and I think children would enjoy themselves the most as there were a lot of things not only to see, but also to do. If you have been to PetroSains in KLCC Kuala Lumpur or the Singapore Science Centre, you should have some ideas what to expect if you go to the Toronto Science Centre. We could not stay that long as we had to go to one more place right after that.