Thursday, July 12, 2012


My very first photo book arrived on Tuesday. And I was really over the moon. I had been spending hours and sleepless nights selecting photos, arranging and designing the page. It is another alternative of documenting some special moment of my life, other than blogging and printing the photos for the traditional photo albums.

And I got a good discount after subscribing with GROUPON; the 20-page photo book only cost RM39.00, including courier service.

the box
the book but with an error on the cover :)
the inside

If you are wondering how the book is done, the sequence of activities are (1) buy the discount voucher from Groupon. (2) Download the photo book software. (3) Create your album using the templates and applications available. (4) Upload your finished project to the server. (5) Within seven working days, the photo book will arrive at your doorstep.


After the first book on my previous visit to the USA, I am now working on the second one for the Canada trip. I do not have even a single second to get bored. You should try creating your own photo book too.


  1. bole la wat untuk program dakwah... ni g cuci ,, leceh tol

    1. kalau ada diskaun baru murah nak buat photo book.

  2. I loveeeeeee photobook!!!
    Do u knw u can download readymade templates for d book say you're running out of ideas on design :) awesome!!

    1. i just use the available template. i am still very new with the software and always find new things to do every time but need a lot of time to do that.