Wednesday, July 25, 2012


the entrance
people in yellow ponchos
reminded me of  DiGi mascot
The third pit stop of the package was called "The Journey Behind the Falls". Upon passing through the entrance, you would get to stand to the nearest point of the waterfall. I don't think you would like to get yourself drenched wet and it was quite scary to see the volume of water cascading from the top at such high velocity.

You could already feel the movement of the strong fall from afar. The mist and the splashing water was enough to make you feel as if you were under a drizzling rain but still the poncho-clad people would not miss the opportunity to admire the awesome view as well as to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery.

For one thing, I thanked God for the sunny day which had made our movement from one checkpoint to the other much easier. Other than that, the pictures taken with my compact digital camera had turned out quite well. Throughout my stay in Toronto, the days were mostly cloudy with intermittent rain but on that day, the weather was fine with bright and blue sky throughout the visit.

The main attraction of "the Journey behind the Fall" was of course walking BEHIND the waterfall, hence the name. There were two tunnels built under the river and these tunnels would lead people right behind two openings behind the waterfall. Another unforgettable moment which again reminded me of the adventure stories written by Enid Blyton that I used to read when I was in school. I would describe the feeling of standing there motionless,watching the waterfall as: dark in the inside, bright at the outside. A video of this journey will be posted in the next entry.

People were flocking around the area to get the best place either just to watch the picturesque scenery or to take photographs. And they did not mind getting slightly wet at all, even without the ponchos on.

somewhere over the rainbow

At this spot, we were able to observe the waterfall from another angle - the part where the river was flowing towards the end of its route and started to form the cascade. And this was the moment when I got to see a rainbow forming on top of the water and that would be the nearest spot to see a rainbow ever. And no, I could not see any pot of gold where the rainbow started to form.

Another attraction of the visit was the 4-D movie show entitled "Niagara's Fury: The Creation of the Falls" where the viewers were told a 20-minute story of how the falls were formed when the glacier ice melted thousands of years ago and to its present physical state. This was the first time I watched a movie standing up while holding to a hand rail. There were pictures and sounds surrounding the theatre, with water splashing and snow falling from the sky and the ground moving and vibrating underneath.

We spent about six hours there but it was one of the most incredible things that I have ever experienced. I will post more videos of the Niagara Falls after this. Don't forget to check it out later.