Sunday, December 22, 2013


As I have a friend and her husband residing in Palmerston North, I got free accommodation during my 3-day stay there. I always like the design of the house as it provides a lot of storage space the building is equipped with store rooms (note the plural form) and built-in cabinets. With these facilities, storing things would never be a problem and hence, the house would always look neat and tidy.


living room

kitchen and dining

guest bedroom

study room with a glass roof so you could gaze at the stars at night

home-cooked meals and local dessert

This post should conclude the stories of my visit to the city of a Palmerston North. Not only I had enjoyed visiting the places around, but also I had had a great time catching up lost time with my ex-schoolmate. Thanks a lot Puan Radiah Othman and her husband, Mr. Rashid, for their kindness and hospitality throughout my stay there. Please do not hesitate to invite me over again. There are still many places in Palmerston North as well as New Zealand that are yet to be explored. :)