Sunday, December 29, 2013


When the sun finally came out after the bad weather the day before, all the tourists wanted to take the cable car ride in Wellington. The line was very long but people were still queuing up patiently. The ticket for a ride cost only NZ$4 and I decided to get the one way ticket as I had decided to explore the place at the top of the hill. However, I was not really sure what could be found up there on the hill and long it would take to walk down to the city using the other exit instead of hopping again onto the cable car down.

You have to look for the miniature cable car  bu the roadside to find  the small lane that leads to the ticket counter and the entrance to the cable car. The lane is quite small and you might miss it.

long, long queue ahead

The cable car is finally here! *yeay*
As the cable car could only accommodate not too many people at one time, perhaps you would need to wait longer for your turn. I guess this is similar to what we have in Bukit Bendera, Penang but I have never been there, both Bukit Bendera and Penang.

in the  cable car

I managed to secure a standing spot right at the end (when we were going uphill) so I got the beautiful view of the sea.

The station at the top if the hill is called Kelburn if I am not mistaken. There are a few viewing decks for visitors to observe the beautiful panorama of Wellington  city and the sea. So when you are here, make sure you take as many photos as possible, just like other tourists.

That was not the end of the cable car trip though. There were other places connected to the station that could be visited for free.