Thursday, December 19, 2013


27th November ~ The weather was better on the third and last day at Palmerston North. My friend and I marched off to an old building (which did not look old at all) called Caccia Birch House. Once arriving at the gate, my friend called the person in-charge from the number printed on the sign board and we were promptly given the permission to enter.the premise.

We were welcomed by a very friendly lady who should be the person in-charge or the officer there. (Everybody was very friendly in New Zealand.) When I told her I am from Johor Bahru, to our delight, she responded that she knew the place well as she had stayed in Singapore with her father a long time ago.

We were again the only visitors at that time so the whole place was ours for the next one hour. If you are interested to know more about the history of this place, you can get the information from the last picture in this entry. I am too lazy to compose or to rephrase so that should suffice.

Santa Claus is coming to town

The house not only has beautiful interior but also the view and compound outside were something to die for. One side of the house was overlooking the lagoon while the front compound had a wide lawn with a few big trees and a garden, perfect for a picnic under the sun. What else would you ask for?

the officer and the gentleman

free souvenirs for visitors

the history of the house
Too bad this place was not highlighted (and the Rose Garden too)  in the travel book that I read so I hope I am promoting Caccia Brich House as one of the must-visit place in Palmerston North.