Friday, December 20, 2013


After the Caccia Birch House, we then walked to a lagoon which was actually just opposite called Hokowhitu Lagoon. I bet there would be more people and other activities in the evening, or during weekends or public holidays but that morning, I saw more ducks than human beings around.

Having said that, one of the recreational activities done by the residents here, or perhaps the visitor, could be duck-feeding. This was the first time in my life I fed the animals with pieces of fresh bread and the experience was of mixed feelings of joy and the fear of the ducks pecking on my feet. However, the ducks and a few small birds were disciplined enough not to harm the kind soul providing easy food for them.

the pied piper of Hamelin busy at work

The duck-feeding was not only done on land but I went to feed more ducks on the water. There were actually distinct species of ducks living in this area, and there were also black swans with their ducklings floating on the lagoon. This was like an easy charity work and I must say I had had a lot of fun here and this could be therapeutic in a way.

Massey University campus was also located there so that should count as my official academic visit to the first university in New Zealand.

Here are the videos of the duck-feeding sessions. Please focus on the ducks rather than the actor. Thank you.