Monday, December 16, 2013


I went to watch the second episode of the Hobbit trilogy two days ago. Even though I couldn't really understand what was really going on, I had some ideas of the story after watching the first one a long time ago. This time Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield (I had to google for this in order to write the review) and other dwarfs were on a mission to get into the mountain. Bilbo was given the responsibility to steal a precious stone from a mountain of treasure guarded by a vicious dragon. Unfortunately, he had awakened the creature from his sleep and the dragon flew out of the mountain to get his revenge. And the film suddenly ended and I had to wait for the next sequel, I almost cursed out loud. The ending was just too abrupt and after sitting in the cinema for almost three hours, the audience were left hungry for more Hobbit adventure.

I am thinking of getting the  (original) DVD of the first movie while waiting for the final episode. Waiting is very painful indeed.

Too bad, there were just a few outdoor scenes shot in New Zealand but the one that I loved the most was when the dwarfs were riding their horses by the lake where the pink, purple and blue lavenders could be seen springing out beautifully from the ground - just like what I saw when I was there two weeks ago. *sigh*

a Hobbit character at Wellington International Airport
By the way, this was the safety briefing clip I watched on board of Air New Zealand flying from Christchurch to Auckland. I had actually seen this on Youtube before, just in case some of you have missed it, this is something very creative and entertaining, and at the same time, an effective way of promoting the movie to the passengers of the aircraft and the public in general.