Monday, December 9, 2013


I am extremely exhausted and will need to sleep early. After two weeks being away from home, another episode of my great getaway has come to its end.

Within the fifteen days, I managed to visit four cities and one town. I entered New Zealand through Auckland, and went straight to Palmerston North where I stayed with an old schoolmate, Puan Radiah Othman, and her husband and both of them are lecturing there. Then, I made my way to Wellington where I was on my own but saw someone I got to know from a website, a Malaysian student, Mr. Hasbi, on the second day. After Wellington, it was Christchurch and met with an ex-student studying there, Mr. Hamzah Hamdan and then we went to see beautiful Queenstown for three days and went back to Christchurch after that. The last city that I visited was Auckland and again, I was there exploring the city on my own. Fortunately, the transit trip to get back home in Melbourne took more than 12 hours and I managed to see another ex-student there, Miss Yazmin Johari Halim Shah.

There are a lot of photos and stories to share. As usual, I post most of the pictures here, and not on Facebook so please come back for more.