Wednesday, December 25, 2013


When the weather outside was not good, it was time to explore the museum. Te Papa Tongarewa is New Zealand's national museum and is really huge. "Te Papa Tongarewa" in Maori means "container of treasure". One good news: it is free to enter the museum.

This place is highlighted as one of the must-visits in any travel books or blogs. It is situated very near to my hostel, about 5-minute walk and has free wi-fi. :) I can simply sit at the parking lot at the ground floor to get access to its free wi-fi service even after the place was closed to public.

The exhibits were divided into a few sections and the main attractions here were the history of New Zealand, the Maori and the Pacific people and the natural environment. If you were to really see everything here, you would at least spend the whole day in the building.

a traditional long boat which is one of the few remaining

the costumes of the Maori, something like vests

what people of the Pacific wear

the earthquake simulation house
There was this earthquake simulation house. You went into the house and stayed there for a few minutes and you could experience the earthquake. I think the real thing would make the house shake more violently and of course,more scary.

The sculpture was made from the containers of corned beef. The significance: how the arrival of this canned food had changed the diet and menu of the people in New Zealand.

what the Maori belief
This was the museum everyone must go when he/she is in Wellington but this was not my last museum visited when I was in New Zealand. Be prepared for more museum visits.