Saturday, August 11, 2018


10th AUGUST 2018 ~ I attended a birthday celebration of Miss Ayra Azizul, the daughter of two ex-students, Mr. Azizul Azman and Puan Amirah Razali (SPM 2002). The event was held at their place in Taman Sri Pulai.

Puan Rokiah Junoh and family

As usual there were many ex-students of SMK Taman Universiti who attended the party, as well as an ex-colleague, Puan Rokiah Junoh and her husband who is no stranger to me.

ex-students of SPM 2016 and one of 2018

Fatimah Hishamuddin (SPM 2003)

Nor Azizah Azman and family (SPM 2003)

Mohd. Arif and Siti Nor Ain (SPM 2002)
another case of schoolmates marrying another schoolmate,

and Shahima Shahi at the back

Ms. Najwa Zafran (2012) and "friend"

an addition of Ms. Atiqah Razali (SPM 2012),
the birthday girl's auntie

Ummussaa'dah Adam (SPM 2003)

OMG... two sets of husbands and wives of the same school

It was a fun evening, of eating and meeting ex-students.

I must thank Mr. Azizul and Pn. Amirah for their kind thoughts of inviting me.I must be very old by now as I was already attending ex-students' daughter's birthday party.

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