Monday, February 1, 2010


The movie was first screened back in 1980 and then it was adapted into mini-series and shown on television. And I grew up watching "Fame" the TV series broadcasted by Singapore TV station. I would religiously sat and watched the drama week in, week out.

I had been waiting for this one movie and I thought it would never be shown here in Malaysia. I had already seen the movie trailer in October last year (again on Singapore TV channel) but the waiting was in vain. Actually the film was released in the USA on the 25th September 2009. As a last resort, I bought the pirated dvd (ooppsss!) as I desperately wanted to watch but to my dismay, it was recorded in the cinema, and in the end, I did not even watch it, and my RM4 went into the drain (The moral of the story: Never ever buy pirated dvd.)

And to my surprise, as I was checking the online show on the Net a few days back, I saw "Fame" was showing. So, I made my way to Tebrau City and it was an effort worth putting.

Basically, the story is set in this particular School of Performing Arts in New York. Students study here so as to prepare themselves professionally in music, dance and drama. Definitely, there would be conflicts faced by the characters but in the end, they all successfully fulfill their dreams of becoming performing artists.

Highly recommended if you like music and dancing, something like High School Musical old school version but it was much better because the drama was more real. This movie was a remake, it would definitely not be the same with the shows I had watched on TV - a lot of improvisations were in. Nevertheless, I really felt happy and contented, and I felt much younger after coming out of the theatre.

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