Sunday, February 14, 2010


my collection of Coleus plants

If you think that only flowers can provide colours to your house garden or compound, then you are wrong. Some leaves are able to do just the same. One of the plants that can contribute merrier environment is from the Coleus family. In Bahasa Melayu it is known as ati-ati plant.

The leaves come in variety of colours, shapes and sizes. You can have plants of the same colours but the shapes of the leaves might be different. And at times, you will be amazed that the leaves can change their colours once they become slightly matured.

These plants are easy to grow, you can start just by planting the cut stems - plus you must have those magic green fingers. They grow up well with enough sunlight and water but they cannot survive the intense heat - like what we are experiencing now and how I miss winter time in Sydney and Melbourne. The only way how you can get the varieties of these plants is just simply by visiting the nurseries everywhere - hidden somewhere there are plants that you think never exist

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