Saturday, February 13, 2010


Zubair was here from as a student from 2000-2004, so he is a pure product of the school. Early this year I met him as a replacement teacher teaching English, replacing Puan Umi who was on maternity leave. Zubair was studying in Perth for his degree and is yet to complete his study soon. On his last day in school (as a teacher), I decided to interview him and this could be an interesting read for my blog readers. So here it goes:

during the interview session

When you were first offered to take up the job, were you forced to do so?
At first, I felt that I was forced in a way, but I decided to give it a try. After some time I got used to it.

What would be the toughest thing to do?

To make the students learn. Some of them just refused. They did not want to do their work or focus in class, especially the weak ones. If compared to other subjects, they were more willing to try but not English.

Did this change your perspective towards teaching?

Yes. Before this I always thought that to be a teacher is just teaching. But there are a lot of other things that need to be done such as establishing relationship with students.

Does this make you appreciate teachers more?

Definitely. I have now seen the life of a teacher from a different point of view.

How do you find the school now if compared to the time you were here?

There are just too many students that may make a few things a bit disorganized. For example, during assembly the teachers are scattered everywhere.

If you are given the chance to take up teaching in the future, will you do it?

I will consider.

Do you think that many girls have fallen in love with you?

Yes, based on the FB requests that I get every day.

Do you have any advice to the students?

My advice to all the students is to treasure your time in school when you all still have the chance to do they say, you never know what you have till it is gone.

SMTUN sekolah tercinta
[translate: SMTUN my beloved school]

So we wish Zubair all the best of luck for your future undertakings, do come back often. I guess I should get more people to be interviewed in the future.