Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is not something new to my school. It happens at times, but not that often though - thank God for that. I even think the students especially the older ones will be neither be shocked nor frightened when this kind of thing happens.

the audience who could only watch the early part of the drama
before they were chased away into their classrooms
It happened after the Zohor prayer in the school hall when one of the boys was possessed - something like the story of Waris Jari Hantu, not his first time actually. Two teachers were already there, but he seemed to be a bit violent this time so we definitely needed more help.

not as easy as it looked

Luckily Ustaz (a religious teacher) was in the hall but we needed other men teachers to overpower the boy. There was no other way to make him stay still except to pin him by putting him face down as he would be struggling hard to let go of the grips.

forcing the spirit to leave

Ustaz started to do his work, by reciting verses from the Qur'an but it was not that easy. A long time was taken, and tiring too. We even called boys from a few classes to help by reciting Yasin and other short verses from the Qur'an. The task was only completed when the boy had recovered and become his own self.

By the time the story is written, his parent had gone to seek help from other religious person. Pity him because he had to suffer and it was against his will. It was like something that you were forced to inherit from your great grandparents, known as saka in the Malay community. Let's pray for his well-being for the future.

So who said that being a teacher is boring? You do not have to watch those scary Malay dramas at night, you may even have the chance to encounter the real thing. And when this kind of thing happens, you must be prepared - at least read whatever you can remember from the Qur'an.

[thanks to the photographer: Ustazah Yasirah Yazid]