Friday, February 12, 2010


I am now turning my blog into a posting board for my English class after realizing majority of my form 2 students are having internet access at home. Hopefully this will directly make internet more educational for them.

NOTE - The characteristics of a good essay are: (1) very few grammar errors (2) good choice of words, preferably the use of idioms and proverbs (3) interesting description so as to make the writing more interesting.

picture coloured by Chong Sze Lei


Encik Rusli is a kind and helpful swimming trainer. He lived in a double-storey house in Taman Seri Orkid. There is a beautiful garden near his house. In the refreshing garden, there is a river with crystal clear water. In the evenings, he reads newspapers in the garden to keep up with the latest news.

One evening, Encik Rusli went to the garden as usual. Surprisingly, he saw some children playing hide-and-seek on the emerald green grass just beside the river. After he had made sure that the children were safe, he continued to read his newspapers. He would watch them every time he turned over the pages of the newspaper to make sure of their safety.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise. There was somebody shouting for help. He quickly looked at the children. The boys were shouting for help because the blind-folded girl fell into the water when she was just about to catch one of them. The girl was just like a damsel in distress. She was shouting and struggling in the water hopelessly.

Encik Rusli quickly ran towards the river and dived into it to save the girl before she drowned. Encik Rusli was like a fish swimming in the water. He was swimming skilfully and he successfully reached the girl. He grabbed the girl's hand and swan towards the shore. The girl fainted when she was lying there. Luckily, after a few minutes, the girl regained consciousness.

The girl was very grateful as she was saved. They thanked Encik Rusli for having a heart of gold. Encik Rusli warned them not to play near the river again. Then, the children went home. Encik Rusli took the newspapers and went home too as he was all wet.