Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was contacted by Zulfadelie and Amin Ahmad (from SPM batch 2006). They were asking whether I would be free on Friday night as they were having a small gathering at Taman Merdeka. And I immediately agreed.

Zulfadzelie, Najmi, Amin and Syafiq

Mazhani, Tasya and Fatihah

As usual, people were late, so while waiting, the few early ones were happily spending time snapping away a few photographs. Weren't there anything else to be done?

impatiently waiting for the rest

the initial part of the eating marathon

The eating marathon started when the others were arriving. The restaurant was jam-packed with customers and there was a bigger group which was having a formal function at the same time. Other people from other groups started much earlier so not much of the restaurant's specialties like its barbecued lamb and chicken were left on the table.

The restaurant is famous for its buffet style lunch and dinner. So there was a spread of luxurious food, eat all you could - and actually, not much could be eaten. I ate lunch here before and I guessed I had taken definetely the same food which were Arab rice and lamb. Other than the barbecued meat, I guess the food was just the same. However, if you are the kind of person who can really eat a lot, this is the place for you.
all the happy faces
people's favourite pastime

A few minutes were spent for photo session, everybody's favourite, before we went our separate ways. To me, it was not the eating session,but it was the kind thought of inviting me was more important than everything else. And I am always glad to see how they have grown into fine young gentlemen and ladies after all these years. So thanks again to all the 15 of them: Zulfadzelie and Amin (the organizers), Tasya, Fatihah, Mazhani, Najmi, Suhaizie, Hanis, Jasmadi, Syafiq, Kamil, Zul Radin, Azizi, Amir and Anas for the great time. As everyone is studying at different places, this gathering is one of the ways for us to meet each other or else we will only meet during Hari Raya. So hope to see you again some other time.