Saturday, February 20, 2010


There was no early plan whatsoever. It was just a proposal from Najmi for a movie after the dinner so we just decided to go for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I didn't know that there was a midnight show even on Friday so it was just the right time.

This is the kind of movie for people who like Harry Potter, Narnia or Lords of the Rings, definitely of the same genre. Perhaps you will understand the story line better if you have a background knowledge of the ancient Greek gods. The protagonist, Jesse Jackson, is a demi-god - half human and half god, because his father who was a god married his mother who was a normal human being. Then the Gods were unhappy because the lightning bolt was stolen and they suspected Percy as the one who did it. If the bolt was not returned to the rightful owner, then there would be war between the two gods. So as a son of a Greek god, what did you expect? Percy had all the superpower that a superhero needed just to save the world. By looking at the ending of the movie, there should be a sequel to this one.

Thanks Najmi!
A movie that entertained and gave some knowledge of the history of ancient Greek. It makes you want to read more to find more.