Saturday, February 27, 2010


afternoon teachers modelling the free t-shirts:
TOP ROW: Mr. Ng, Mr. Sin, Mr. Masrizal, Mr. Nasir, Pn. Lim
BOTTOM ROW: Pn. Hasikin, Pn. Zuerdiana, Pn. Haridawati, Pn. Baderah, Cik Hafiza,
Pn. Low, Cik Firdaus, Pn. Zuraidah, Pn. Tan

People started arriving in school at 7:00 a.m. But this time there were not as many people as there were during the cross country event, which could be a blessing in disguise. After gathering all the afternoon session students and giving a short briefing, they moved to the school field.

with the bunga manggar bearers

with the butterfly girl of the Purple House and they won the marching for sports houses

There were a few final track events being held at for the day. Nevertheless, the excitement could be felt among the participants of the opening ceremony consisting of students of the sports houses and uniform units. There was a multitude of colours everywhere, from the uniforms to the designed costumes worn by the marching team members. The marching competition at times had overshadowed the running competition because everybody was looking forward to it. What more with the many hours spent by the uniform units to train, people were eager to see the result.

during the opening ceremony

As there are about 2800 students population in my school and more students need to be given the opportunity to be involved in sports activities. Thus, we have six sports houses: red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. There are special names given to each house, like Pahlawan, Perwira, Pendekar etc., but people seem to remember the colours more than the names.

the juniors of Kadet Bomba who had helped manage the team
Izzat Lukman, Syazwan, Syafiq, Aiman (a.k.a Baby), Hafiz and Azim
Aliah, Liyana, Saifaralina and Asyikin
A few ex-students also came to school. The first group was the fourth formers who have moved to boarding school just recently. The other was a few girls from SPM batch 2005, three of them are still studying in UTM while Aliah is in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences.

And this is Mr. Mustafa Kamal, an ex-teacher of SMKTUN. Now he is the Senior Assistant of the Students' Affair in SMK Gelang Patah. He was here to support her daughter (who is in the Kadet Bomba team) and to videotape the exciting moment. Hopefully I can get a copy of the recording so I can put the video in my blog.

The story will continue in Part 2...


  1. izzat luqman lo.

    tkda gamba sy pun?

  2. sir not multimedia university but CyberJaya University College of Medical Sciences a.k.a CUCMS hehe

  3. ALIAH: thanks for the info, dah betulkan.
    WANI: takyah betulkan, bunyi nya sama aje. ajak join takmo, camne nak ada gambar.