Friday, February 5, 2010


So today the students had the chance to do something that they love to do the best, running - which meant they did not have to stay in class, at least. The cross-country is one of the school's biggest events where both morning and afternoon students come at the same time. People started arriving as early as at 7:00 am when the noise started to develop, but in a good way.

the teachers were posing while the kids were stretching

More time was actually spent managing these kids than the running, which involved: (1) Get them to sit in their own classes so attendance could be taken. (2) Get them to sit in their own sports houses and asked them to pin the coloured labels on their shirts. (3) Separate them into different age categories - for afternoon session: under 13 and 15, boys and girls. (4) Move them to the starting line. When they started arriving to the finish line, until the result was announced, and letting them go home, was another story.

the under 13 boys at the starting line -
no other way to control them from jumping up and down than to let them sit on the ground

just before the start for under 18 boys' category at the field

the girls relaxing after successfully completing the race

observing the students while the results were announced

Amirah (2KAA1) and Afiqah (1KAA1), both the daughters of Puan Suzana who secured the 14th place of under 15 and 13 age groups, respectively

My second video for the blog. The boys started running the race which always make me smile watching their excitement at the beginning of the cross country.

this is just like Olympic Games