Sunday, February 7, 2010


The two days competition had come to its end. Some people won, some did not - and we had our own winners that had made the school proud. As a whole, we did quite well but not as good as last year. The most important thing, our presence was felt and people know that we are still the powerhouse for chess among the schools in Johor Bahru district.

with Hakim, an ex-student who is now teaching in SMK Selesa Jaya 2

The history of the Chess Team and Chess Club go back as early as 1994. I remembered only one student represented the school for district level and went on to state level - Lui Meng Tang. Then we started developing the club and more people were coming out as winners for both district and state level, like Syahida Abdul Syukor. And other names that I could still remember are like Kong Lye Yee, Kong Lye Fen, Azaty Hamzah, Kenneth and Calvin Choong. Once we even put Nor Aliaa Zainal Abidin who was in form 2 in the under 18 category and she won second place at district competition, to everyone's surprise. There were many more people whose names I do not mention here (just too many of you that I cannot remember anymore) who had proven that determination was the key to success and they were all the pioneers to the present generation of the school chess players who have set a high standard to be achieved.

the officers, while waiting for the last round to end

Miss Quek and Puan Rafidah, the other two Chess Team teacher advisors

So here are the the full list of winners from our school this year:

1ST place - Boo Zhan Hui
7th place - Er Teck Sheng

2nd place - Leslie Choong Wee Nam

4th place - Cheah Wan Yee
8th pace - Nurul Ain Zakaria

9th place - Hau Hui Xin

1st place for boys under 15 category
1st place for girls under 15 category
3rd place for boys under 18 category
2nd place for girls under 18 categoryr

Too bad the organizer decided not to give any trophy to the overall winner so we could not bring it back to school. Some people claimed that it would be unfair as a few schools did not have any participants for either the boys or girls category (jealousy?). Nevertheless, by looking at the list of club ranking, we should know which school deserve the trophy anyway.

all's well that ends well

As the game has ended earlier, the committee members of the Chess Club definitely have to plan for more activities so that we can get more new players to represent school in the years to come. And hopefully more people will come forward to play chess in school.