Wednesday, February 17, 2010


fish in murky water

It's now Fishville time, in conjunction with the one week CNY school break. But this is Fishville real time.
aerial view
filthy filter

It is a nice thing to see colourful fish swimming gracefully in the aquarium but do you really know how much time and effort need to be put in order to keep the fish alive? It is very important to change the water as well as the filter to ensure you have healthy fish.

pumping the water out

First you have to take the cover off the aquarium and disentangle parts of it like the motor and the filter. To have a clean surface for clear visibility, rub off the moss off the glass using a sponge while pumping the water out.

the rubber pipe is actually much longer than that

Then, fill in the tank with pipe water. Don't forget to put some anti-chlorine solutions into the tank or else your fish might get dizzy.

battery operated oxygen motor to aide breathing while waiting for the cleaning process

Then the motor and the filter need to be cleaned, and if the condition is too bad, you have to put in new multi-layered sponges inside.

the koi fish should be happier now

To carry out this task, you will need at least two hours. So, if you think you just don't have the time, the patience or the determination to keep fish at home, then you better stick to your Fishville in your FB.

another fish tank that needs attention

And there is one more fish tank but this one houses puyu fish, of a tougher breed of fresh water that does not require motorized oxygen gadget and water filter. However the fish pellet may spoil the water hence the water needs to be changed more frequently, about once in 3-4 days.
now they can see more clearly

By the way, do you know that (according to the locals' belief) it is good to keep puyu fish at home to ward off black magic. Some thieves use spell to hypnotize people in the house before they carry out their bad deeds. Nevertheless, with creatures moving and not sleeping all the time, the spell will not work and your house will be safe.

I have published my Farmville and Fishville entries so I guess Petville will be next.