Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It was only the second day the school started after the Chinese New Year break but what a long day it was for me. First of all, we had the rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the school's Sports Day, from the morning until the afternoon.

with some of the girls
sorry, a few boys couldn't fit into the frame

I went to see the Kadet Bomba boys and girls doing the march past. As for the girls, this would be their first appearance (formally) in public after two years. Everybody seemed to be excited despite the afternoon heat. Although they were not that good yet, I was sure this would be one moments that they will always remember after they have left school.

please focus on the red packet

Even after more than one week, the festive spirit can still be felt. A few Chinese colleagues came back to school with variety of CNY goodies.
from Sarawak, salted terubuk fish

green tea

preserved nutmeg, unpacked and some eaten

oranges again, from both colleagues and students

However, this was really something unexpected. It was related to my posting on 19th February. Not only I was given a free dinner, but the package actually came also with a present that arrived much later. I did not know how to thank you all more for everything.

an addition to my pens collection

again, thanks people!

Oh! It was just another happy day.