Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was there to replace someone who was sick for the rehearsal

with one person missing

When four of the group members left for boarding and technique schools after form three, so it was time for me to assemble a new angklung group. With the remaining seven, it would not be enough people to shake the bamboo instruments. So I decided to take the form two to join because there will at least stay in school for two more years and was glad that many boys came forward voluntarily. By now, there are 18 angklung players.

The first three days of practice was the try out sessions for the beginners with simple songs like
Enjit Enjit Semut and Sarenande. On the fourth day, the seniors were coming in and with more people playing, we tried a longer song i.e. Tanjung Puteri. The new ones learned quite fast and on the fifth day we were already enjoying the fast tempo of Sway already.

We are actually preparing for an event where we have to perform in front of guests which comprise mainly of parents. Hopefully, we can develop our Angklung Group this year with a few plans already drafted for the coming activities. Good luck to everyone performing. You just gotta shake it!

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