Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This was the moment that we had been waiting for - a potluck in conjunction with the recent Chinese New Year celebration. So we decided to get into the spirit of the celebration by having a more Chinese-themed food in the staff room.

fresh from the pot

Among the main dish we had were steamboat (cocktails and tofu-based products dipped into boiling soup eaten with hot sauce) and hailam noodles. They were special because we had gravy and soup freshly served from the stove. So it was more like a self-service kind of pot luck where you would have the excitement of preparing your own food.

PIC 1: Pn. Aliah, Pn. Noraliza, Pn. Goh. Miss Lee and Pn. Sabariah
PIC 2: Busy doing steamboat

trying the Hailam noodles while being observed by Puan Lim

excited teachers trying Yee Sang

Nevertheless, the most exciting part was when we were introduced to another Chinese tradition which is the Yee Sang. All this while, I just wondered about the food, the ingredients, the taste and how it should be eaten, whether it was halal or not. It just looked like a big plate of colourful noodles to me; and all my curiousity was answered today. It seemed that I was not the only one who was in the dark as many questions were asked to our Chinese colleagues. We had a real experience of celebrating Chinese New Year in a more authentic way (minus the hang bao).

Let's learn more about Yee Sang:

Yee Sang is made from thin slices of raw fish, shredded vegetables, herbs, spices and oil, and is a traditional dish for the Lunar New Year. In Malaysian Chinese culture, Yee Sang is believed to bring good fortune and wealth in the upcoming year to those who toss and mix it while shouting "Low Hei" which symbolizes liveliness, prosperity and longevity.

Yee Sang: before and after

All in all, it was a successful event for everybody. Thank you to all the Chinese teachers for holding the special pot luck and thank you for Pn. Sabariah and Pn. Noraliza for preparing the food and drinks, as well as to others who have contributed.

NOTE: Someone was hinting to me that there might be another pot luck in the near future for everybody, fully sponsored. So let's just pray.

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  1. Very nice indeed. Better than what some people I know were trying to do .... sambutan CNY but eat Nasi Bukhara. When I uttered some displeasure at that, they just claimed I was being racist! So sad.