Sunday, March 28, 2010


that bright thing in the sky is really the moon

When Azeze came back to JB for the weekend, he had a plan in mind but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it could not be carried out. So we opted for the easiest thing, eating out. Since I was asked for opinion, I decided to go to Banafee again, for a dinner under the moonlit sky and with the music of live acoustic guitars in the background.

Azeze and Hazizul with their picks: fried kuey teow, similar but not the same

my choice: meatball spaghetti, nyum nyum..

My second time at this restaurant, it is a great place to hang out; good food, hygienic, spacious and you can enjoy the retro music while you are eating and talking about anything under the sky. So our conversation would always be about things in the past, present and the future. As for thing in the future, Azeze, please don't leave home without your passport again. So see you again some other time, for more chat or conversation, or for both.

hopefully people from Banafee can give us food voucher after seeing this

"Conversation is the food for the soul"
~ Mexican proverb ~