Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Another achievement for me being able to finish reading this novel amidst the schoolwork, house work, Facebook, American Idol, school activities etc. The way how the story was written is definitely similar to the previous Picoult's book that I have read where the story is narrated by one character in one chapter throughout, and in the end you will find that they are all inter-related in such a complicated relationship. A story of two sisters, Anna and Kate. Anna was conceived with the hope that she would be able to provide Kate, who was suffering from cancer, with whatever body parts she had, like bone marrow and kidney. The conflict: when Anne reached the age of 13, she decided to hire an attorney so she did not have to keep going through all the physical and emotional pain of providing to her sister's medical needs. The parents were put at fault for using Anna but at the same time, did they have any other choice in their effort to save Kate's life because you could not get a liver for transplant at a K-Mart. However, there was one big reason for Anna putting up her fight against her parents' determination. You have to read to find out what the reason that has jeopardized this one American family. As usual, Picoult's writing is slow at the beginning but the pace is set faster once you have reached the middle of the story. And I have one more Picoult's novel on the shelf but not until I have watched My Sister's Keeper the movie (on dvd) - thanks to Miss Cheong.