Monday, March 22, 2010



front part of the chalet

a morning walk along the beach

having eaten the overpriced breakfast

If you go on a holiday, it is best to sleep early so that you can wake early the next morning to explore more. When we thought we were early, there were already people on the beach, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air. Right after breakfast, we were off for another day of soaking in the sun and the sea, and on the sand.

always excited to be speeding on the water
shallow, crystal clear water

waiting for the boat to go back

and waiting for the boat in the water

We took another boat ride for a tour around Teluk Nipah and stopped at Man Beach for another dip which actually lasted much longer than the boat ride. This was the best place to swim or to learn how to swim or to float. The water was crystal clear and shallow enough to make you feel safe and more confident.

a priceless pose

In the afternoon, after taking a short nap and skipping lunch, we hopped on the pink taxi again for a road tour around the island. The driver was informative enough at least for me as I was sitting in front beside him. The first stop was the Mini Great Wall of China which is actually located in a Buddhist Temple.

Then we went to a historic place called Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort). Once the Dutch used to store tin ore in this fort and the locals came to burn down the building - correct me if I am wrong. So the fort was rebuilt for people to appreciate the history of the island.

A must visit is to the factory producing seafood products using fish and squids. Make sure you bring some for the ones at home because the food here should be cheaper and fresher.

in the middle of the road of the quaint Pangkor town

Another must buy from Pangkor is the blue-eyed anchovies and dried squids. Pangkor is actually a small fishing island so no wonder you can get this kind of products here. Real cheap, for I could get a kilogramme of anchovies for RM18 after bargaining.

it didn't happen according to plan but it was a beautiful picture

Although it was late when we arrived back to the chalet, we went to the beach again for the last time as we had to leave early the next day. How time flew...

mencandat sotong (fisihing for squids) on the beach

It was a long and tiring day, and I retired to bed earlier than the boys. They went for a session of fishing for squids on the beach - literally by using a fishing rod and a glow in the dark bait thrown into the water. I would try this some other time later, in the future.