Sunday, March 28, 2010


I just hate meetings, sitting and listening to people talking and talking non-stop. Thank god, during the Parents and Teachers Association Annual General Meeting, I have my reason not to be in the hall: to look after the Angklung Group. And at the same time, I had the time to hunt for people to take photographs with.

with the Indian dancers, the most colourful picture ever

This year it was a much more vibrant and colourful event to welcome the representative of the Director of State Education Officer. At the entrance, we had silat, lion dance (from SMK Kangkar Pulai) and Indian dance. Then there was a salute march by the members of the uniform units at Dataran Kejat. While on stage in the hall, there were nasyid, singing by students of special education class and lastly, Angklung performance.

the emergence of the new Angklung Group

I thought the Angklung group did a good job. I was only listening from outside the hall as I was too nervous to even watch - they sounded okay to me. This was not the end, this was just the beginning.

ex-fifth formers

the fourth formers, some of whom have moved to boarding schools

Another slot during the meeting is the prize-giving ceremony to students who had excelled in public examinations like PMR and SPM in 2009. So it was like a reunion party for some, as those who had left school for boarding schools or the ex-fifth formers who will soon be going for their tertiary education were back here.

teachers at the entrance of Block A

male teachers at the gate

office staff

more male teachers, outside the hall

I had such an enjoyable time asking my colleagues to pose for the camera because everybody simply agreed. This could be due to the fact that we were all wearing our new batik for the first time. The time has come for the old one which is maroon in colour (if you still remember) to be replaced, what more with many new teachers have already become the new family members.

Kadet Bomba girls
students involved in the event

All in all, it was a successful event. That was the last big event with a big preparation which had involved parents and guests (so far). So now we can focus on other things in school. But congratulations to everybody who had done their parts in making the day a success.