Monday, March 1, 2010


This is the e-mail that I have chosen for the CNY break from my 2KP1 class. The reason: it is simple but very interesting because it shows the activities that take place during the celebration.

NOTE: All the pictures are googled and copied without the owners' permission, but for educational purpose.

TASK: Write an e-mail to your teacher on how did you spend your Chinese New Year holiday.

Dear Mr Zainal,

2010, the year of the Roaring Tiger. This Chinese New Year, my family and I did not go back to my grandmother's house. Instead,we went to my uncle's house to have a luxurious reunion dinner.

It all started with our reunion dinner with both my grandmother and grandfather at my uncle's house.My uncle personally cooked for our big family which consisted of about 30 people.

No Chinese New Year is complete without the low sang. I had my first time low sang with my grandpa and grandma. On the second day, I visited my maternal grandmother. We stayed there for four days and three nights.My grandmother lives in Teluk Intan, Perak. It took about 6 hours to reach there by car. It was a long journey.

During the few days at my grandma's house, I had learned the second thing. During Chinese New Year, gambling activities, like mahjong and poker card game, is a must.

The most fun activity was I rode a bicycle around the village with my cousin every evening. My family and I also paid some relatives a visit. I also got many red packets.I ate lots of Chinese New Year food such as New Year cake, Chinese meat Ravioli and Tang Yuan.

I had enjoyed my time at my grandmother's house.I must say that the Chinese New Year was certainly fun and tiring!

Written by: Jia Sin