Sunday, March 7, 2010


if you think the poster is dark, wait until you watch the movie

This is the movie that you people should not watch. Too many violent actions, one of the goriest (gory-gorier-goriest) movies I have ever watched. In fact, it made me a bit sick while watching and when everything was over, I thought I was a bit depressed. I should have watched a comedy or a cartoon in the first place. Solomon Kane, the central character who was trying to repent his past sins, was shown the way out of the monastery because he did not belong there. So, he was out in the real world once again, hoping that he would not repeat his evil deeds. However, there was no other way for him not to kill others in order to save one's innocent soul from demons, evil spirits and witches. In the end, good won over evil - it ended in a happy note, at least. Okay, now you all go and watch Avatar, or Chipmunks, or Titanic.