Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sample essay written by Soo Ming Huey of 2KP1. The pictures were also coloured by her. Congratulations!


Cherating Beach is a famous spot for turtle eggs-laying season. This activity is carried out at night at the beach. Mahmud worked as a tourist guide to bring tourists to observe the turtles. One night, Mahmud had brought two foreigners to the beach for turtle-watching. They waited patiently at one corner of the beach.

The night was long and they were tired and restless from the hours of waiting. Mahmud was worried that the night's trip would be wasted as he spotted no turtle. Suddenly, he saw some movements at the beach. Mahmud whispered to the two tourists about the good news. They felt very excited and immediately tiptoed so they could catch a glimpse of the turtle. Mahmud pointed to the big shadow and he believed that it was a giant turtle.

As the three of them walked closer, they realized that they had mistaken a car for the turtle. The two tourists felt angry and Mahmud apologized to them quickly. As dawn approached, Mahmud realized the turtle-watching trip was unsuccessful. The angry tourists left and Mahmud had learnt a lesson - to be more careful next time. What a sad experience for Mahmud and his two tourists!