Tuesday, March 30, 2010


all the happy people

It finally came to an end. How time flew. Without realizing we are already moving towards the end of the semester. It was time to say our goodbyes and I am done with my job teaching another group of students from the Built Environment Faculty (FAB) in UTM.

the students posing with their projects

It is always fun to teach another set of people which different from students in school. But surprisingly, at times, they need to be attended to just the same. They submitted their final projects for the course and everybody was happy, either to be able to at last let go of the burden or satisfied with their pieces of work. I am impressed with their final products and congratulations to everyone. I will post your pieces of art in my next posting. So good luck to you and hope to see you all again some other time in the future.

thanking Mr Iziq, the monitor, for his job well done

Before going home, I went to the nearby McDonald's with Iziq for a quick bite, just to thank him for being a good class monitor but I could not thank him enough. Hopefully we can meet in Kota Kinabalu one day? Then we can get other Sabahan from the group to join.