Sunday, May 9, 2010


I was asked to represent my principal to attend a Charity Dinner organized by SMK Taman Mutiara Rini at The Zon Hotel. Perhaps, one of the reasons is because my house the nearest, so I got to go.

Nevertheless, I was quite worried because I had to sit among the other principals whom I did not know of and it was not easy to strike a conversation with someone of a higher level.

with Mr. Sharizar of SMK Taman Universiti 2

Then, out of nowhere, someone whom I am familiar with arrived at the table and similarly, he had also to represent his Principal, and that was actually a big relief. Soon after, the table was filled with two other people, who were not principals, so we had the place to ourselves.

Food served was by-course but since only four people were there at the table (there should be ten) so it was more of a buffet or eat-all-you-could. So the food was served at about 8:30 pm and right until almost 11. At the same time, cultural and musical performance were done on stage to entertain the guests. The main attraction was of course Jamal Abdillah and people just went crazy and ran to the stage when he appeared on stage which in a way distracted the view of people watching. However, I was already mesmerized seeing him from far away and listening to his powerful vocals.

with Mr. Syazarul Shahrir

with Pn. Zaidah Mohamad, who was in on of the pioneers of SMK Tmn Universiti. now in Mutiara Rini
I was really lucky that night. I was one of the three winners for the lucky draw for the dinner. This happened only once in a blue moon because most of time it was unlucky draws for me.

So that night I went back with a full tummy, a toaster, two bags of door gifts (took one to give to my Principal as a token of appreciation) and Jamal's voice singing in my head.

I have successfully uploaded a short video of Jamal's performance that night. Now I can share with you the magic moment with Jamal at The Zon. Sorry there were too many distractions as I recorded this directly from my table but at least you should enjoy his voice. Sharing is caring.