Sunday, May 30, 2010


I tried to get a few people to come and enjoy this movie with me but not successful. Nevertheless, being a die-hard Shrek fan, I had to go. It was now or never. And I definitely had made the right decision - it was a movie worth going for.
This time, Shrek had fallen victim to the antagonist - Rumpelstiltskin. I didn't know that Rumpel could be that evil. Shrek got tired of the life he had, he wanted the days as an ogre, where he was having a lot of fun and feared by others. So he signed an agreement to get back to the life he had lost, and too bad, in the process, he lost everything: his wife, his three beautiful children and the friends who adored him. Having realized his mistake, now he had to get he love and trust back from Fiona so that he would be free from the curse. And in the end, they lived happily forever after.

The moral of the story: appreciate what you have before they are gone. Go and watch Shrek, after you exam is over. Shrek is the only movie that I have watched the complete sequels and understood everything from the very beginning right until the end, unlike Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. One thing about Shrek movies, you can always get a lot of fairy tales characters under one roof and they are all really really funny. It's quite sad this is the last Shrek movie, hopefully they will have the TV series after this. I am now waiting for the VCD to come out so now I can have the complete Shrek original VCD collection.