Saturday, May 8, 2010


The madness of collecting and bringing used paper, boxes, newspapers, books, anything made of paper - you named it, you got it, continued right until the fourth day. I never expected the respond to be this huge. A few classes had been bringing the materials for four consecutive days.

The main reason for their enthusiasm is because of the prize money that has been promised. There were also parents who came to school with carloads of paper. They must be proud of their kids for making their homes cleaner and rubbish free, for this week and a few more weeks to come.

With Mr. Tan, from AISIEC UTM, who had been a big help

the weighing process

Even the old paper collectors had to come on Friday because he could not put everything in his small lorry just in one day. So, the long wait had finally come to its end. We had actually managed to sell a big sum of RM1459. And just imagine that much money that we throw away almost every day.The winners of the recycling campaign this season are as follows:

2KP2 - 1115 kg
2KP1 - 1032 kg
2EK1 - 564 kg

Congratulations to the winners and we are thinking of organizing the same competition for the second term. And thank you for people who have been contributing to the campaign, and we hope that people can be more aware of recycling and saving planet earth. WORLD PEACE!