Sunday, May 9, 2010


There is no marching competition for district level this year. The reason: no money, which I think is a lame excuse. As for Kadet Bomba boys, they have been practising as early as the first week of January, this is actually not good news.

However, a marching competition was held by Outpost, a company selling and distributing uniforms so it was actually a relief because at last, we had the chance to compete outside school after all the hard work.

uniforms for sale?

two other Kadet Bomba teachers, Mr. Masrizal and Mr. Hisham

So there were about ten teams from secondary school, supposedly from around the state. It was really hot, the competition started at 9:00 in the morning right until 1:00 in the afternoon. Then we had to wait for the prize-giving ceremony which started only at 3:00 p.m.

the seniors who came to support, Nisab and Suhaizie (cum team coach)
Mr. Sahari and his friend who helped to ferry the team to and fro

So we were announced as the second runner up of the competition. It was alright to secure the third place but we were quite unhappy for the team who won the first place.

For one thing, there should be 25 marching members in a team, a rule which has been simplified. However, for that particular team, only 19 people were performing during the presentation, short of 6 people. And yet, they won the competition. The judges should be experienced ones who have been judging at state and district levels and they should know that if there is not enough members in a marching group, then that group can actually be disqualified. To make matter worse, two of the judges come from the same school of the winning team.

Well, this is not a matter of winning or losing, but this is a matter of being fair in your justification. The students have been putting a lot of effort and energy, as well as sacrificing precious time. When judging was not done accordingly, or when the judges were bias, then many people would fall victim to such irresponsible individuals. I do not know when things are going to change. And I am thinking of seeing face to face with the organizer of the competition - at least let the people know what we feel about the whole thing.

Well, we won but we were unhappy, really. And this feeling will stay for quite some time.