Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today's potluck was held to bid farewell to two trainees who taught English from IPTI (Temenggong Ibrahim Teacher Training Institute). Although potluck is held quite frequently, all the teachers were excited just the same, and most probably because we are quite tired with the food at the canteen prepared for the afternoon session.

theme: noodles

So we had different types of noodles: mee kari, mee bandung, mee bakso, mee siam and mee tomyam. With the ingredients were prepared separately, so it was a matter of mix and match. Mix the noodles with the gravy your heart desired.

a few of the few male colleagues, birds of a feather.

Thank you to Miss Jahiza and Miss Izzatie for all the time spent in our school. Hope that you have had a great time here and wish you two the best of luck in your future career, as teachers hopefully.

And thanks a lot too for the parting gift as well. Definitely the right choice of present for me as I do not have anything else to read right now.

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