Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I finally finished reading this book while waiting for my turn at the hospital. Unlike any other books that I have written the reviews for the blog, this one is an autobiography of Betty DeGeneres, the mother of the famous Ellen DeGeneres. I like Ellen because she is such a funny person. She makes you laugh easily and she does not have to put a lot of effort to bring the house down, it seems most of the time. I get to watch Ellen in her talk shows and she is now one of the judges for American Idol.

Basically it tells about Betty's life as a mother to a lesbian daughter, the initial stage up until now. While many people are prejudiced and display hatred towards other people who are different, Betty does not reject her child, she just loves her the same, shows her support and showers her love as a mother, something which not many people are able to do. What I learn from this book: never ever be judgmental of people due to any different traits they have, especially people whom we do not know of.