Monday, May 17, 2010


One year ago, I started blogging and now I have turned into a hardcore blogger. Basically, I could share the happenings in my life as a teacher or as a normal person outside school with the others, people I know or strangers alike. I do not know whether people like or dislike my blog, whether people read, or just look at the photographs or videos in it. Nevertheless, for whatever reasons they have for visiting, I just hope I have made people's lives happier. Blogging is actually like writing a diary or a journal, where one records whatever things they want to write except that a these two materials are kept for personal reading. A diary, for example, is strictly for the owner's eyes only as one can write according to his/her own heart's desire. One of the major assignments that I had in second year of Matriculation for Creative Writing course under Cik Yazariah was to keep a journal. I found it fun to write just anything I liked. However, that was the first and the last time I had a journal.

a treasure from the past

pages of my old journal

So I guess I am continuing what I like doing. Perhaps I should venture more like how I could generate more money from it. So, happy 1st birthday to my blog. And thanks to the loyal visitors who have shown their support all this while.