Sunday, May 16, 2010


Please focus on the presents

This posting is to thank the two brothers: Alif and Arif for their kind thoughts. They dropped by at school this evening (with the other family members) just to say "hi" and to deliver the presents which I guessed were for Teacher's Day. Even though they are no longer in school, but we still keep in touch, especially Arif. And at the same time, Arif will be going to UiTM Kuantan for his Law Matriculation course next week, so I guess this was also to say "goodbye". I wish Arif the very best of luck and the same goes to Alif who has still one more year to go for his Polytechnic's Diploma course.

Thanks again. I am really touched by your kind gestures.

By the way, you can read Arif's blog here


  1. terharu nya...hehe..terima kasih gak cikgu..selamat hari guru!!!...x de kredit la nk reply mesej cikgu..

  2. sedihnye la bce balik entri ni...hehehe...tq cikgu..... blog sy da tukar...