Monday, May 3, 2010


The recycling campaign is back in school, except for this time round it is done with the help of students from AISIEC UTM. Today, nine classes were asked to bring their old newspapers, books, magazines etc. to be recycled and the respond was quite good. We managed to get slightly more than 150 kilogrammes of materials to be recycled and the class that was in the lead now is 2EK1 which had collected 141 kilogrammes of paper so far. This is actually a competition between classes with the winner being promised cash money that can be used for their class party at the end of the year. It is still too early to tell which class will get the cold hard cash as there are three more days to go. Let's just wait and see.

posing in front of the 'garbage': Tarmizi, Shamimi and Nureen of 2KP1

Don't forget everybody, it is our responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle. WORLD PEACE!