Wednesday, June 25, 2014


23 - 25th June 2014 ~ I was in Melaka for three days, not for a holiday though. I had to attend a meeting similar to the ones that I used to attend annually. Nevertheless I was neither happy nor excited as majority of the people attending the meeting were strangers - not the same old faces I got to see every year before this. To make matter worse, my partner in crime had to attend in another session which started after I had left the hotel. *sad*

view from the hotel room

Lucky enough, my old friend from college, Puan Hanita Kassim, was there and we managed to meet another ex-coursemate who is residing in Melaka, Puan Mariati Salleh, on Tuesday evening at Mahkota Parade

I am now expecting to do extra work. I thought I did not have to do this kind of thing anymore but I was wrong. *sigh*