Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I initially wanted to watch another movie but it was not shown at that particular time so without much choice, we went for "Edge of Tomorrow" starring Tom Cruise. This was one very confusing movie, which had the tagline: "Live. Die. Repeat." Basically, the hero of the story, Tom Cruise a.k.a Cage was the only person who could save planet earth from mass destruction (AGAIN?) against the aliens. He was the superhero who had the power to come back alive, as if he just woke up from a dream, every time he was dead. So what he had to do as a soldier was to improvise his strategies and techniques to destroy the aliens. A cat has nine lives, Cage had many more. It was a happy ending even though audience would still be left in confusion how could that happen. In fact there were scenes that were repeated many times, something like a de javu.

Nevertheless, this was an entertaining movie and fortunately I did not doze off, like what happened while watching "Spiderman" and "Godzilla". The movie in fact has received good reviews from moviegoers. 

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