Saturday, June 14, 2014


[2nd DAY] 3rd June 2014 ~ I was train-hopping on my own today as my ex-student, Miss Dyana Hasan, was not free. I was ready after studying the train maps and also listening attentively to the directions and instructions given by Dyana. Destination of the day: Tama Zoo. The entrance fee was actually ¥600 but I was given a discount and had only to pay ¥480 (about RM16). When I arrived, I was the only foreigner around and most of the other visitors were school kids and their teachers or chaperons.

The first station I went to was the "Insectarium", a place where people should learn more about insects. There was also a butterfly sanctuary here and you could observe numerous butterflies either flying freely or sucking on the nectar from the flowers.

Tama Zoo is developed in a VERY large area. Not only that, there are spots which require people to climb up or walk down the hilly area.

I came across a group of small children who were busy drawing animals under the teachers' supervision. As you can see, a zoo should not only be a place for people to come and go. In fact, there are educational activities that should be done here - especially by children.

More pictures of the animals and the zoo in Part 2.

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