Monday, June 16, 2014


Sunday 15th June ~ The new school term for the second half of the new year started today. We had the official launching of "Hari Koperasi Sekolah" [translate: School Cooperative (Shop) Day] and the angklung group was invited to do a very short performance. We were asked to present the song entitled "Semangat Koperasi" which was not a pop song. 

When we first listened to the song on youtube, we did not really like it much. However, the sound of the whole thing really changed after it had been played on angklung and it sounded quite nice actually. We had a 2-day practice on the last two days of the school break and unfortunately, not many people turned up. So SOMEONE had to fill in the gap and luckily 8 people were enough to play angklung for that song.

the school senior cum photographer
Thanks to the school cooperation shop teachers for inviting us to contribute today. We sure will improve playing the song for next year's similar event.