Friday, June 20, 2014


[DAY 3] 4th June 2014 ~ Today was my second day exploring Tokyo on my own. The next destination was Tokyo Skytree. Why is this structure important? It is the tallest communication tower in the world.

When I arrived at the 4th floor where tickets were sold, there was a big crowd, most of the people were Japanese, and the queue was long. Nevertheless the line was moving quite fast so that was alright. The entrance fee to "climb" up the tree was ¥2100.

where did all these people come from?

I was unlucky for the second time as the sky was cloudy and hazy/foggy so vision was limited. I still could not see Mount Fuji from atop of the Skytree - guess I had to wait another day.

the glass floor

I was glad to be on the world's tallest communication tower. I had also been to the 3rd one: CN Tower in Toronto and the 7th tallest tower which is none other than our very own Kuala Lumpur Tower. I should have gone up the Oriental Tower when I was in Shanghai last year but I could always go back later. :)

I was there for about an hour before I had to find my way to Sensoji Temple.