Tuesday, June 17, 2014


[DAY 2] 3rd June 2014 ~ After the fauna, it was time to see the flora of Tokyo. I took a train and headed to Shona Kinen Koen which was a few stops away from Tama Zoo. Then I walked quite a distance and finally managed to arrive at the gate of the park after asking for directions to people I met on the street.

The park was really huge and I had to stick to the map given as a precaution not to get lost. I also had to remember the entrance gate so that I could go back here once I was done exploring. There were many other entry points at the park. The entry fee was Ұ410, about RM13.

The park actually consisted of many sections. It was no ordinary park - you would be surprised to see what people could do here. One of them was the water activity on lake where people could do boating or boating.

Then there was this water theme park, which I think was primarily for children. Another section of this water theme park was closed when I was there and I saw people were cleaning the pool. 

There was this one section where people could use the sports field and court to play games like football and basketball. How cool is that? One way to develop sports in the country is by providing sports facilities to people.

There was a huge children's playground in the park and it was actually hidden among the big trees. As you can see, I had the park all to myself - it was a working day and it was actually late, about 4:00 p.m.

I was not really sure what this was but there some kind of steam coming out from the pipe. I took a picture and walked off as quickly as possible.

There was this rubbery structure, something like a trampoline, where people could endlessly jump up and down. There were not many flowers that I could find BUT wait for the next post in part two.