Monday, June 2, 2014


Today was a historical day when the plane landed at Narita Airport at abput 7:30 a.m. and I set foot on the land of the rising sun.

I then took the airport limousine and made my way to Minami-osawa Station to meet an ex-student, Miss Dyana Hasan, who is doing her PhD in Tokyo. After registering at the hotel (I could only check in at 4 p.m.), Dyana showed me around her campus and then went to a factory outlet before having our late lunch.

Lastly, Dyana took me to Shijunku and to make me familiarize a bit with the train system in the city. I will have to move on my own for the next two days.

So that was how I was introduced to Tokyo upon arrival and there will just about 3 more days to spend exploring. I am not expecting much as time is quite limited but this could be just the beginning.