Wednesday, June 18, 2014


[DAY 2] 3rd June 2014: It was getting late, I was getting hungry and was actually trying to find my way out of the park. I even had to ask a few people how to get back to the first gate where I entered the park from. Suddenly, from far away, I saw a scene that was beyond belief - bright red flowers in the horizon. As I walked nearer to the spot, right in front of my eyes was the most beautiful scene that I almost cried tears of joy.

I hate taking selfie as it always makes me look uglier but I think I took the best selfies here.

There were very few locals who walked past this area but I did not hesitate to stop them and help me take more photos despite the language barrier. They all seemed happy to do that for me and I didn't forget to say "Arigato gozaimas" and bowed a bit.

Too bad, the park was about to be closed to the public and I still had to find my way out, if not I would have spent longer hours here. Anyhow, that was one memorable discovery of the park. It reminded me of the trip I had when I was in Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. If I were to come back here, I would go during spring or autumn. Have a look at the amazing scenery of the park at this website that I found. 

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